How does Komaytee work?

Key Features

Komaytee is creating a platform to include households and small enterprises to manage their savings and investments at the same time.

Shariah Compliant

Provide a Shariah compliant model to the population of Pakistan in coordination with the Shariah advisors understandable easily to the people of Pakistan.


All committee information of the member is kept confidential from every other member of the committee.

Slot Choice

Member can select from the available monthly slots for the commmittee payout.

Flexibile Contributions

Members can join the committee on the basis of minimum and maximum contribution of amount whichever suits his needs.

Committee Calculator

The committee payout amount will be calculated on the basis of minimum and maximum contribution and will be showed to member before joining committee.

Flexible Payment Options

Members can select from the payment methods convenient to them ranging from Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Local payment gateway or payment/payout can be made on member's door step.

Our Values


Integrity is our guiding principle towards the achievement of our mission. It is vital that we work with trust, transparency and honest embodying it and dealing with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.


We are committed to serve people of Pakistan with best solutions to manage their finances and help their families and communities.


Inclusiveness and synergy are the core contributors towards forming a welfare state. We strive to achieve the same objective by enabling every person benefit from our product. We aim to make money accessible for everyone.

Social responsibility

It is our privilege to act in the social interest of our nation and we aim to contribute towards the sustainable development not through our products but also through the way we conduct business.

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Our Vision

To be an alternative player in the economy accelerating financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of Pakistan by providing responsible financial services and innovative solutions to individuals and enterprises to help them manage savings and investments and participate in the development of the economy. We aim to explicate, channelize and regularize the informal financial networks through our solution in order to contribute towards financial empowerment.

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Our Leadership

Our leadership is a team of multiple professionals who have strategic and technical expertise of working in corporate and social sector with a view to bring financial empowerment, maximizing prosperity, and enabling sustainable development.

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Komaytee is a platform for individuals and enterprises to manage their savings and investments at the same time. It primarily capitalises on the informal method of saving i.e. Committee. Provide an innovative and technologically oriented product to the customers so they can participate in committees at any time, from anywhere and maintain their finances.


941 / C, Siraj Road, Central Commercial Area, PECHS, Block 2, Karachi, Pakistan

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+ 92 317 8294373

+ 92 317 8294373